artwork care

Encaustic is one of the oldest painting mediums there is – mummy portraits from ancient Egypt have survived for 2,000 years relatively intact without fading or cracking. Encaustic is made of beeswax with damar resin added for hardness and stability. It can be used in this state or be milled with pigment to make a colored paint.

Your painting will survive for just as long if you follow these basic instructions.

Keep your painting out of extreme temperatures. Encaustic begins to soften at around 140-160°F and can begin to crack if frozen. Therefore avoid leaving your painting in a car for long periods of time in mid-Summer or mid-Winter conditions. If you experience these conditions in your home or office then the state of your painting will probably not be your main concern.

As with any artwork don’t hang it in direct sunlight or over a high temperature source.

Never put encaustic works under glass. Beeswax does not need protection from moisture.

New encaustic art may appear cloudy after a few months – this is a natural effect of the wax off-gassing and curing. To get rid of the cloudy look, buff the painting gently with a lint-free cloth such as one used for polishing autos. Encaustic cures after three months or so.

DO enjoy your new work of art! Contact me with any questions you might have.

Anglo-Saxon Round Brooch 3