vivid beeswax paintings

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Next Events:
January 2018 – Private in-Home Showings
9-11 February 2018 – The Art Event 2018 at Lipscomb Academy, Nashville, TN
March and April 2018 – Studio time and guest instructor at local schools

Grandmother's Quilt ca. 1939 Crumpled
These are my full scale jump into the world of acrylics. Both 3ft x 4ft paintings will be featured at my space from 9 – 11 February 2018, at The Art Event at Lipscomb in Nashville. To create them I took my Grandmother’s quilt and photoed it on the actual canvases. Then sketched the images from the photos.  Above is Grandmother’s Quilt ca. 1939 Crumpled and below is Grandmother’s Quilt ca. 1939 Folded.

Grandmother's Quilt ca. 1939 Folded

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