private showings

No artwork dealing with color and texture displays well on the internet. Color shifting caused by my camera and your computer screen will subtly affect different colors in the piece in different ways. Galleries get you up close and personal but the lighting and setting have very little to do with your home or office. With that in mind I offer on-site showings to patrons. More distant locations require travel expenses.

Private showings take one of two forms, a showing/consultation or an artist party.


In a showing/consultation I bring requested and selected paintings into your home. There is absolutely no obligation or assumption that any piece would be purchased and the showing is free. The great advantage is to see original artwork in your home, with your furniture and lighting, and be able to see the actual feel and dimensions of a possible setting. Additionally, if requested, I can help you formulate an overall concept to your art display. We discuss where you are and where you’d like to be with your art and I can show you how my paintings would or wouldn’t fit into that ideal.

We can also discuss commission work in the space a piece would actually hang or sit.

In an artist party I bring paintings into your home to show you and a small group of your guests. It’s a casual get together pure and simple with a chance to talk shop or anything else with a working artist. This makes for a unique Friday night event for your social circle. There is no obligation or charge and the host/hostess receives a 20% discount on any painting.