There’s nothing quite like owning or gifting an original work of art. Through the commission process I can create works for both residential and commercial settings.

Whether it’s impressionistic or representational, a portrait of your mother or a picture of your childhood home, a tabletop accent piece or a signature painting for your living room, I’d be happy to talk with you about the possibilities. Maybe you’d even like to have a picture of your favorite vacation spot. Consider taking a bland reception area and emboldening it with a series of color studies.

German Shepherd Commission
The family pet has long been the subject of many commissions
the Princeling
For a more whimsical take on art, consider a Dream Portrait. What would your child look like in the Court of Henry VIII? Or on the field for his favorite sports team?

Commission work pricing is done on a painting by painting basis but generally fees run as follows:

5 x 7 in. – $200

8 x 10 in. – $350

11 x 14 in. – $650

10 x 20 in. – $825

20 x 16 in. – $1,175

I include these standard sizes because frames for these sizes are easily bought at most stores and most people already have a good feel for how they’ll fit into their home or business. Beyond that it’s just as easy to decide on a piece that fits a particular area. A fee structure would be arrived at after a discussion of the subject, size, and time frame involved.

Fees include one subject per painting. For each additional subject add 1/3 to the cost.

Stated prices do not include framing or shipping if necessary. Sizes are for the full piece to be framed. The actual painted surface is set in from the subsurface edge to allow for framing and if matting is anticipated.

To start work on a commission, 1/3 of the total fee is paid, and then 1/3 paid after approval of a stylistic comp by the client. The final third is payable for delivery.

Home Painting Displayed

Campfire School Commission
Campfire School was a commission for a private event for the Country Music Hall of Fame. I was given the subject of “heritage” and asked to develop that into a musically themed painting. To see more and read the backstory inside the painting visit the Campfire School portfolio page.



Commissioned Home Snow Scene