Painting Live at Ansbach Artisans

It’s time for another great live experience at Ansbach Artisans this Saturday night from 6-9 p.m. Come out and talk to artists, including me, creating live in the Gallery. I’ve learned a lot since my first event. I now know that I will actually get very little done on a painting. People are very fascinated and excited about my style, technique, and the encaustic medium, therefore my painting in progress will be much further along AND have plenty of mindless areas to work on. Specifically areas that don’t require loads of concentration while I talk to patrons with a hot pen tip in my hand.Flocks of Job - in progress

live painting

I had the fun of doing a live painting event at Ansbach Artisans a few weeks ago. The reception was great and the interest was strong. The intention was to paint and talk but I had so many people asking questions and discussing my work that I actually painted about a square inch of picture in over 3½ hours. All in all a fun night with a return invitation for June.

Chris painting at Ansbach Artisans