to the Hall of Fame

What do you do when a patron commissions something special to have autographed at the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in Cooperstown, NY? You produce a ball and glove painting so that the enshrined player(s) can sign an almost finished painting of a ball. Once signed, I’ll finish up the painting which has been left bare in the large area of the ball between the stitches and wording.

unfinished "ball and Glove"

Painting Live at Ansbach Artisans

It’s time for another great live experience at Ansbach Artisans this Saturday night from 6-9 p.m. Come out and talk to artists, including me, creating live in the Gallery. I’ve learned a lot since my first event. I now know that I will actually get very little done on a painting. People are very fascinated and excited about my style, technique, and the encaustic medium, therefore my painting in progress will be much further along AND have plenty of mindless areas to work on. Specifically areas that don’t require loads of concentration while I talk to patrons with a hot pen tip in my hand.Flocks of Job - in progress

waterspout WIP

Sometimes your piece takes over and insists on a new direction. I was deep into Full Sail when I stepped back and in addition to valuable feedback decided I was forcing this piece down the wrong path. Therefore, I’ve renamed this work Waterspout and will proceed with that concept in mind. You can still see the shadow of the sailboat I just removed, and will blot out, and I’ve blocked in the white border to give you a better feel for the final piece.

waterspout in progress

It takes a bit more imagination and faith to see it in its raw form.

raw waterspout in progress