live painting

I had the fun of doing a live painting event at Ansbach Artisans a few weeks ago. The reception was great and the interest was strong. The intention was to paint and talk but I had so many people asking questions and discussing my work that I actually painted about a square inch of picture in over 3½ hours. All in all a fun night with a return invitation for June.

Chris painting at Ansbach Artisans

a little about me

SelfTo know my paintings you have to know a little about me. Or maybe not. Either way is good. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee drawing and photographing constantly.  Didn’t matter what I drew it, political cartoons in the newspapers, photos in magazines or the encyclopedia, and photoed it, sunsets, trees, whatever.  When I grew up I worked jobs and followed opportunities all over the world and dabbled in furniture making, acrylic paints, home renovation, tinsmithing, etc. as hobbies.  When I moved back to Tennessee I found that my wide-ranging life didn’t quite fit in with employers’ expectations so I turned to what I’ve always enjoyed, art.  But not just any art, encaustic painting, not the first thing most people would think of or have heard of.  Thats me in a nutshell/case.  Next post I’ll tell you a little about my approach to encaustics.