full sail completed

I’ve had such a good response to yellow sail, which is not available, I wanted to recreate it but instead produced sailing into the waterspout thus proving to myself how mercurial my painting impulses are. But to my surprise I had forgotten that I had done an earlier study of yellow sail. That piece, now entitled full sail, was six times as wide and much more comprehensive in scope though calmer in emotion. Therefore I decided to finish off that piece. On the website you can see more detail and some examples of how full sail might look framed and matted.

full sail

waterspout WIP

Sometimes your piece takes over and insists on a new direction. I was deep into Full Sail when I stepped back and in addition to valuable feedback decided I was forcing this piece down the wrong path. Therefore, I’ve renamed this work Waterspout and will proceed with that concept in mind. You can still see the shadow of the sailboat I just removed, and will blot out, and I’ve blocked in the white border to give you a better feel for the final piece.

waterspout in progress

It takes a bit more imagination and faith to see it in its raw form.

raw waterspout in progress

and so it begins – full sail

It’s always satisfying to finish a painting but it’s fun to mull over new subjects for the next piece.  I have a large backlog of paintings I want to work on and had already started developing and laying out two new ones tentatively entitled childhood and fossil. But as often is the case I step back. I realize that I’ve had lots of interest over the past several months in one of my earlier pieces, yellow sail, which is no longer available. I’ve now decided to create a companion piece based on that one called full sail. Like yellow sail, full sail will be a hybrid of traditional encaustic painting and my personal take on the medium. So I now find myself staring at a prepped, blank surface awaiting me to engage.the future "full sail" painting